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More Europe in Your School


In the knowledge society, technologies and modern teaching methods are playing an important role in fostering innovation within education. eTwinning is a free scheme that enables schools in Europe to work together on collaborative pedagogical projects using ICT. Implementation of eTwinning in the classroom promotes the international dimension of the curriculum and gives their pupils the chance to be part of a European learning community.

This training’s purpose is to familiarise teachers with eTwinning portal and tools, show practical ways of incorporating eTwinning in teaching and ways of working with international partners. In this course teachers will learn how to find new partner schools, register an existing partnership or start a project. Participants will also increase their knowledge of good management practices which lead to successful educational projects.


The methodology of the course focuses on group experience and needs. The training has mainly practical approach. Theoretical issues focus on eTwinning project structure and the importance of educational project management. Practical part consists of planning educational projects and learning eTwinning tools by getting involved in this programme. The teacher through different methods will support and encourage participants to creative and innovative thinking which leads to successful eTwinning projects.

 Learning Outcomes

By completing this course, you will develop teacher competencies and ability to collaborate with other teachers. In particular you will be able to:

eTwinning programme:

  • Know the structure of the eTwinning programme and its tools
  • Join eTwinning programme and know how to register a project
  • Engage your organisation in the network of European schools
  • Enhance your professional and intercultural skills through getting involved in eTwinning
  • Gain ideas of how to engage students and colleagues in the eTwinning projects
  • Improve language skills

Educational project management:

  • Plan the educational project using the project cycle
  • Manage successful educational projects

Collaboration with partners abroad:

  • Know how to find project partners abroad and effectively cooperate together
  • Make contacts with European colleagues for the eTwinning or Erasmus+ projects

ICT tools:

  • Develop strategies and ideas of how to use social media and the Internet safely
  • Increase ICT skills useful in educational projects

 How the skills learnt can be applied in teaching work?

  • Access to a new network of teachers across Europe inspires new ideas, teaching methods and problem solving.
  • Pupils are motivated due to sharing ideas and work with pupils in partner schools in other countries.
  • Project based learning can be used in a wider range, what improves performance and quality of work.
  • Working relationships between staff and pupils enhance, because international projects often requires collaboration at school.
  • School becomes known and recognised as one offering good practice for international work.
  • ICT skills and eTwinning tools can be used in teaching aside from eTwinning.
  • For more information and registration please send an email atinfo@easyerasmus.com
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