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This course aims at equipping its participants with basic managerial competences. It is a sort of compilation of managerial competence in order to gain, systematize and recall knowledge related with the scope of management.

The course will also be linked in part to motivation, which is an integral part of management.
Group exercises based on interactions will allow each participant to deal with management and receive feedback not only from the participants as well as from the Tutor.

With practical case studies, based on experience possessed, participants will have the opportunity to get up close to different styles of management, included agile management relevant to the case.

Finally, the training is designed in a way that any necessary competence, which complements the theme of management, will be tested by the participants during the exercises.


The course focuses mainly on practical training in the ratio 80% practice and 20% theory. Classes are filled with case studies, moderated discussions, brainstorming and course exercises or games designed according to the theme of the course. Each participant gets a book designed by the coach to complement the presented workshop. During the workshop, the Tutor/Coach uses multimedia presentations and additional training materials. The training is filled with icebreakers to provide a relaxed atmosphere for all participants.

Idea of this course is also to give the opportunity to every participant to work one-by-one with Coach/Tutor. This program is dedicated to both School Principals and Teachers – many of the issues presented during the course can be easily adapted to the curriculums in order to engage students and manage lesson time more effectively.

 Learning Outcomes


  • knowledge about the leadership styles
  • the ability to adjust style of management to the group
  • clarification of one’s own style of management
  • understanding the roles in your group and matching methods of management
  • management by using coaching methods


  • gaining knowledge of the theory and tools to motivate
  • to broaden the knowledge of the important role which is to motivate in the management
  • learning different types of motivation practiced in the management, including non-financial motivation
  • awareness of what is the role purpose in the process of motivation

Feedback skills:

  • train the ability to see issues from the perspective of other people (II and III attitude of the perceptual)
  • ability to read the intentions of the interlocutor
  • feedback use for development of students, yourself and Teachers
  • ability to discipline students by coaching methods
  • giving feedback to individuals and groups
  • motivating by feedback

 How the skills learnt can be applied in teaching work?

Leadership & Management is a perspective area that might be used in a huge range of situations. Therefore this training is perfect for both school Principals and Teachers. Below there are shown the advantages which can be obtained from the course by Teachers and School Principles.

From the point of view of managing a school:

  • management knowledge is crucial to achieve goals
  • School Principal can motivate subordinate units better
  • known management features will help you to plan and forecast development institutions better
  • coaching methods proposed in the course will help you build communication based on clear objectives
  • understanding the position of subordinates better makes it easier to designate goals
  • ability to moderate groups with leadership skills adapted to employees

From the point of view of Teachers:

  • learn how to plan your tasks better
  • disciplining students/groups by using agile techniques
  • knowledge of the roles in the group is helpful to design activities related to the group work for students
  • leadership skills make it easier to build authority in the eyes of students
  • ability to moderate groups with leadership skills adapted to students


For more information and registration please send an email atinfo@easyerasmus.com

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