Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Updated Daily

Ireland National Agency has prepared a webpage that is updated daily to learn more about the situations from countries about Coronavirus- Covid19.

Please see the below for guidance in relation to Erasmus+ and COVID19.

The below measures shall be considered fully applicable to any mobility in affected areas of programme and partner countries where the virus is detected, and which are considered at risk.

Beneficiaries are instructed to contact individual participants who already are in or are planning to leave for the affected areas within the coming days or weeks. Participants should also be reminded of the assistance that can be provided by embassies, consulates and honorary consulates in the country of their stay.

The Department of Foreign Affairs regularly updates their website with the most up to date advice in relation to the security status of each country. Please see the following link for travel advice from the Department of Foreign Affairs

Please also see the following link for Updated Travel Advice on the Coronavirus from the Department of Foreign Affairs.The same page allows you to download the DFA Travel App and to register with their Citizen’s Registration service. The Travel App once downloaded, can provide alerts in relation to the selected country. All Irish citizens abroad should register with the Citizens’ Registration service, particularly those travelling to high risk destinations.

It is for participating HEIs and individuals to decide on the course of action to take in the light of national travel advice and repatriation schemes. An individual who is returning from an affected area should adhere to the guidelines issued by the HSE.

The National Agency will apply the force majeure clause to activities taking place in any affected area as well as to incoming mobility from these areas, as foreseen in the template of the grant agreement between the NA and beneficiaries and as defined in the programme guide and other contractual documents. The National Agency will therefore cancel, postpone or move activities planned in such regions in the most flexible way, notwithstanding the respect of the general legal framework applying to Erasmus. Given the exceptional circumstances, the same principles can be applied also to any incoming mobility from the affected regions. Justified repatriation costs will be accepted as exceptional cost – normal reporting requirements will apply.

We have received many queries in relation to COVID 19 and Erasmus+ mobility and have compiled the following FAQ document:
Irish HE NA for E+ COVID 19 FAQs

Please consult this list. It is not exhaustive but should answer some of the most common queries in relation to Erasmus+ HE mobility and COVID-19.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any further queries.

Here is the link to follow all countries decision…

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