Almost all European National Agencies have finished to evaluate application forms applied by teachers all around Europe. Some of them have already published the results for Erasmus+ KA1, Mobility of Individuals. Now its time to publish the results for Erasmus+ KA2, Strategical School Partnerships.

When the results of Erasmus+ Ka2 will be published? As we know from previous years, most of the European Countries are publishing the results from the beginning of August. Since, they have very huge number of applicationis, this year it will be the same.

Last year, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Lithunia, Malta, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, The Netherland, United Kingdom had announced the results around 20-25 July 2015.

We are checking each day the website for national agencies and we are contacting them on behalf of you. Whenever we hear something new, we will update this post and inform you about the process.


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