Turkish National Agency Ka102 Results 2019

Dear Applicants,

Within the scope of Erasmus + Vocational Education Learner and Personnel Mobility activity, the evaluation process of the project proposals submitted for the 2019 call for proposals has been completed. Of the 2384 project proposals submitted to our Presidency, those who meet the eligibility criteria were taken to content evaluation and evaluated by at least two independent external experts. As a result of the content evaluation and within the framework of the available budget opportunities, 515 project proposals (Annex-1) were awarded grants and 436 project proposals (Annex-2) were designated as substitutes.

In addition, 6 Vocational Training Accreditation Certificates and Learner and Personnel Mobility (KA116) applications were accepted within the scope of the Call for Proposals for Vocational Education Learner and Personnel Mobility.

The announced amounts are maximum and our Agency reserves the right to make changes in the grant amounts at the stage of contract.

The results of the project evaluation will be notified to the applicant institutions. A project start meeting will be held for the project owner institutions / organizations in the acceptance list. The location of the meeting, the date and the contact information of the experts responsible for the projects will be communicated by e-mail.

Thank you for your interest.
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