Important notes for Learning/teaching/training activities Erasmus+ Ka2

While writing a good proposal for Erasmus+ Ka2 Strategical School Partnership, you have two options for mobilities. One option is only transnational mobilities which is only for teachers or school staff and the second one is Learning/teaching/training activities which is both teachers and students. If you want to take your students abroad for the mobilities, you should fill this part ( PART G) in the KA2 form.

First of all, in the form open PART G, you will see this part as in the Picture below.

You should choose YES to continue to the form.

After choosing YES, the form will open new parts to fill like this;

When you click ADD ACTIVITY, the form will open new parts for you to fill again;

Before writing this part, you should consider the following information.

– In general: can only take place in programme countries

– They have to bring added value to the project

– Students from partner countries can participate but don’t receive any funding

– Staff from partner countries teaching in Intensive Study Programmes can participate and receive funding

– Joint staff training events in partner countries or staff coming from partner countries attending to joint staff training events in programme countries can participate and receive funding

– Students and teachers from programme countries can participate and receive funding

– One day before and one day after the activity can be used for travelling (must be justified through activity programme)

– Intensive Study Programmes have to support the aims of the project

– Distance Band: the unit cost is calculated on the basis of one way distance; however, the related grant is a contribution to the expenses for travelling in both directions.

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