Proportionality of activities and budget

Please be aware that there should be a congruency between activities and budget. The estimates should be realistic because the external evaluators will evaluate this aspect during their financial plausibility check. Make sure to check if you have considered the following details: 

Cost-effectiveness: Are all activities, partners necessary to achieve the goals of the project? 

Are all activities eligible in the category the applicant has chosen?

Assess the unit costs parallel with the Erasmus+ Programme Guide.

Does each partner have an essential role in the project (justify partner’s budget)?

Take a minute and put yourself in the shoes of the external evaluator and try to assess: is the amount of money the applicant is asking for right in relation to the intellectual outcomes, planned impact, contributions to the chosen priorities? Would you support it?

Have you prepared “a shadow budget” with the real costs in order to estimate the amount of co-financing?

If applicable: Did you clearly justify and explain the exceptional costs?

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