Over the past years Europe has to face the negative effect of the financial crisis. In all member states the unemployment rate of the youth is increased dramatically – this topic will be the spine of our project, we will focus on this problem with our partners in order to train youth workers to be professional workshop leaders for unemployed youth.

5 participant from participating countries (Hungary, Germany, Italy, Greece, Romania, Netherlands and France) will join on a seminar to get useful theoretical and practical infromations about unemployment itself and to acquire artistic / drama pedagogical skills. These skills will help them to educate the unemployed youth in a non-formal way: to organise creative interventions, where youth can express themsleves with their own artistic creations. Beside this methodology we will teach the participants several practical informations about CVs, job interviews, workforce market, self PR – that can be used in order to strenghten the yout position on the labour market.
These techniques will help the participants to lead workshops that helps the European youth to redefine their place on the workforce market.

The project is taking advantage of the Roots&Routes network, which is an informal network of cultural, educational, welfare and youth organisations from 10+ EU member state. 6 organisations from the Network is joining this project from Hungary, Italy, Germany, Greece, Romania, Netherlands and France.

With local activities, international common thinking and with the creation of education materials the project helps:
– participants to acquire new skills (language, presentation, artistic, entrepreneurship)
– partner organisations to take advantages of the materials and methods that were developed in the frame of the project
– other yout workers across Europe to use the materials in their work
– the European youth to redefine their relation to the workforce market

The seminar, where artists and youth workers together investigates the possible elaboration of participatory art interventions, as education methods aiming to help youth to position themselves better at the labor market.

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