Seeing and Tasting Creatively Sample Erasmus+ Project

The project is based on active 24-month cooperation between two schools in teaching/learning/practising photography, painting and culinary while integrating them into school curriculum or after curricular activities thus developing teaching methodology and practical skills.
The objectives of the project are related with the innovation of the schools involved and sharing the strongest sides of each institution. The project will also improve inter-cultural communication skills of students and teachers, promote the use of ICT for international cooperation and communication. It will improve the students’ self-confidence, creativity and foreign language skills while communicating with students from other countries, as well as develop their ability to work and to do independent work in multinational teams.
We foresee two students-teachers’ mobilities the first year, which will be dedicated to teaching- learning culinary of the two countries. During first mobility 8 students and 2 teachers from Germany come to Lithuania where they participate in a 5-day seminar on Lithuanian cuisine. During the second mobility, a similar Lithuanian group go to Germany to get acquainted with the German cuisine. The best recipes and the food photos will be later included into a Book (Part I) which will be later used as a teaching tool in both schools.
Mobilities during the second year will be related with teaching- learning painting and photography. During the first visit a group of 8 German students and 2 teachers come to Lithuania for a 5-day practical seminar on painting (landscape and/or portrait), then in early spring an equivalent Lithuanian group go to Germany to learn photography. Exhibitions of pictures and photos will be organized in each school , the best pictures and photos will be later included into the Book (Part II) to be used as a teaching tool. A project website will be created during the first year containing the digital version of all the products created by the teachers and the students (methodological guidelines, the contents of the Book, etc). At the end of the second year, a final conference is planned to summarize and evaluate the work and disseminate the results in the coordinating school.
We hope that participation in the project will bring the two cultures closer, the schools will become more aesthetic and competitive and the long-lasting cooperation more fruitful.

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