What’s APP Youth! Sample Erasmus+ Project

ICT-Mobile Application and digital literacy are growing to be increasingly relevant in the global market today. On one hand, Europe is in the midst of digitizing its own market to catch up to global trends, strengthened with European Union policy backing with the creation of Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE). On the other hand, Asia is growing and offers many possibilities in technology, entrepreneurship and digital competence. Both regions are rich in experience, knowledge resource and opportunities to share with each other. While trainings for young people on employment and entrepreneurship exist, it is high time that these concepts are connected to the demands of the digitizing market – at the very least, to make young people more competitive and penetrate the market. WAPPY’s overall aspiration is to create a conducive environment where ideas, learning and competences are explored. What it offers are two things: 1) as the tech-savvy generation, a competitive advantage and opportunity to finally penetrate the market; and 2) new jobs, markets and possibilities to explore either as budding digital experts or entrepreneurs. To ensure this, the foundations have to be set in place: availability of infrastructure and formal and non-formal learning support, as well as spaces or learning incubators to test out ideas, concepts and learning. The project is comprised of a systematic line-up of activities that enhances the capacity of youth workers and young people in ICT competence and digital literacy through Mobile Application to promote employment and entrepreneurship. It aims to address the needs of both youth workers and young people through main components: capacity building for youth workers; capacity building for young people; and application and demonstration. It will feature an ICT-Mobile Application training for Youth Workers, Country Specific Consultation on Entrepreneurship and Mobile Applications feasibility for entrepreneurship training program and finally young people, youth workers and mobile applications experts will develop together their own ICT solutions to address problems in youth unemployment and entrepreneurship.

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