VET TOWARDS ECVET Sample Erasmus+ Project

VET towards ECVET covers the consideration of ECVET in trainings related to tourism. We notably focus on 2 sectors : hotel receptionist and seller in touristic areas. This project involves French, Northern Irish, German, Portuguese and Italian partners to implement a certifying mobility of 45 days in order to validate learning units of professional title of “Seller in touristic areas” and of “Hotel receptionist”. The project answers the needs in both sectors to prove mastery of a foreign language and cross-cultural approach to address customer appropriately.

In 2009, the European Parliament and the Council recommended that member states “create the necessary conditions and adopt measures so that, as from 2012 […], it is possible for ECVET to be gradually applied to VET qualifications at all levels of the EQF, and used for the purpose of the transfer, recognition and accumulation of individuals’ learning outcomes achieved in formal and, where appropriate, non-formal and informal contexts” (cf.

The target audience consists of people in VET, unemployed or low level qualificated, seeking to maximize their employment opportunities in the tourism sector. Participants will do a 45-day professional internship in one of our partner countries. This period spent abroad will be certified in the learning of the ECVET system defined in advance with our European partners through units.

Developing an ECVET project for VET providers with agreed learning outcomes and assessment criteria allows all stakeholders to see the development of professional competences and transversal skills which takes place during the mobility and training period. This gives an added value to the Mobility. Tools are developed, modified and agreed upon which suit the individual learning needs of the participant – they are put at the centre of the mobility.

Such a project also helps focus the efforts of the host companies and the participants providing a more meaningful placement with tasks that would help develop the skills required by the sending companies. It creates a win-win situation for all.

With quality mobilities being offered we hope that more participants from across Europe in the field of sales and tourism would elect to take a mobility abroad within the partnership and if the project aims and tools created were adopted by other sending and hosting companies and VET provideres then there is an even greater potential that the number of Mobilities in Europe would increase.

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